EasyCTF 2017 Writeups

Thanks for participating in EasyCTF! We had a great time running the competition, so we hope that you had a great time participating as well. In this web book, you will find the solutions to problems that appeared during the competition. If you would like to submit a writeup to a problem you solved, see the instructions below about Contributing.

Another great source for writeups is the CTFTime event listing for EasyCTF 2017. If there is a problem you haven't found a writeup for in this repository, it may appear on CTFTime.

Open Source

We're making a lot of our components open-source, including our platform as well as some of the problems that involved connecting to a server. You can find some of our open-source projects here:


We really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into solving these problems, so if you spent your time writing a writeup, we'd like to feature it here! But since these writeups will be provided to and read by everyone, we'd like to keep the writeups as orderly as possible.

If no one has written a writeup for a certain problem, by all means, write one! This is also an excellent way to gain recognition for your CTF team. If there is already a writeup posted, feel free to leave an external link (for example, to your CTF team's blog or a Github markdown file) in the External Writeups section. All submissions will be reviewed before they are posted to the official writeups book.

For reference, the source files for the problems have been open-sourced and can be viewed here.

To submit your writeup link, fork this repository, add your link, and submit a pull request; an organizer will review it shortly. Please follow the format of existing problems.

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